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Advertising and Review Disclosures

Would you like to chat about advertising opportunities or product reviews? That would be great! Please contact us by email.
 Policies and Disclosures: Updated May 28, 2013


We offer both graphic and text ads, which are clickable links that direct our users to another website, as well as blog posts that provide information about pet related products and services. We only accept ads for products and services that we believe will be interesting to our users. We are compensated in one of two ways for ad space: either we receive a flat monthly fee, or we’ve entered into an affiliate arrangement with the advertiser and we receive a percentage of sales generated from the ad.

We also offer ad space on our Winnebago for a monthly fee. Think NASCAR … only slower and without the pit crew.

Graphic Ads – These are for products and services we use and enjoy. These are products we whole-heartedly recommend to our users based on our experience with them.

Informational Posts – These are blog posts written by me about products and services we’ve tried and have enjoyed using. In these posts, we give you the highlights of the product or service and links to websites where you can find additional information. Since we’re being compensated for writing and publishing these posts we’ll keep our opinions to ourselves and always disclose the arrangements under which we’ve agreed to write a post. Informational posts can also take the form of a contest or giveaway.

Text Ads – These link to products and services we have not tried ourselves. Publishing a link for a product or service does not imply our endorsement.

Sponsored Posts – We offer a limited number of sponsored posts, which we publish for a flat fee. These posts are written by others and may highlight products or services that we have not tried ourselves. Publishing a sponsored post does not imply we endorse the product, service, or company. We will clearly identify a sponsored posts in the title and the introduction. These posts must adhere to our guest posting guidelines and provide quality content valued by our readers.

Product/Service Reviews:

Product Reviews – We do not accept free or discounted products in exchange for writing a blog post about the product. Any product review posts we write are because we’ve purchased a product and loved it so much we just had to tell you about it. We’ll be sure to disclose in the blog post that the product was purchased by us and we’re not being compensated for the review. Prior to publishing the post, we may invite the company to offer a giveaway for our readers in conjunction with the review. The company’s decision of whether or not to offer a giveaway does not have an impact on our review, nor on whether the post will be published.

Occasionally a company will send us a product to try and we’ll post pictures of Ty and Buster enjoying it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but we make no guarantee to that affect. Of course, there is a chance that we’ll absolutely adore a product that we otherwise wouldn’t have purchased ourselves. Those products may be included in our annual “Best Pet Travel Gear” series, which is always published in late summer.

Service Reviews – Occasionally we are offered a service – usually hotel nights – for free or at a discounted price in exchange for being included in our destination post about a particular city. We will disclose exactly what we received and from whom, as well as any relationship that exists between us and the provider. Also, we don’t write negative reviews – there’s enough negativity out there without us adding to it – so our acceptance of a free or discounted service does not guarantee we’ll write about it.

We give our honest opinion – discussing both the positives aspects and any areas that could use improvement. Other than the free or discounted service, we do not accept compensation in exchange for including our opinion of the service received on the blog.