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That’s How We Roll: Internet Connection

Verizon JetPack

UPDATE: Technology marches forward, and our old Internet solution needed an overhaul. Follow this link to see how we’ve improved our Internet connectivity in the RV! How do you get a reliable Internet connection when you live in an RV? It’s a question we get fairly regularly, and the truth of the matter is – […]

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Packing To Make Your Dog More Comfortable on Your Next Trip

Dr. Eloise Bright and Duster

One of our goals is to make Take Paws a showcase for people having fun with their pets, and sharing YOUR pet travel adventures is part of the fun! Today we’re excited to have a guest post from Dr. Eloise Bright, a veterinarian from Sydney, Australia, who is devoted to her little dog, Duster. *** Traveling with […]

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Sponsored Post: 4 Ways to Keep Pets Safe While Traveling

This sponsored content was created and provided on behalf of Pets Best pet insurance company. In the photos I’ve posted on Facebook recently, a few people noticed that Ty’s leg was shaved where he had an IV. We had quite a scare with our little guy about a week and a half ago. I didn’t […]

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Tips For Grooming Inside When It’s Freezing Outside

It’s been a chilly winter in Austin, though nothing like what many of you are experiencing  in other parts of the country! Still, the cold temperatures have not deterred Ty and Buster in their never-ending coat blowing escapades. Both boys are shedding like it’s their job! And, as the battle with the fur bunnies wages […]

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Faking Service Dog Status

Over the weekend I saw something that really got my hackles up. An ad appeared in my Facebook stream for a company that will help you register your pet as an Emotional Support Animal and “travel with them anywhere … with no fees … in just two minutes.” This is wrong on so many levels! What […]

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A Creative Solution To Manage Barking

If you were goofing around on Facebook yesterday, you might have noticed a picture that I posted of the RAV4 looking a smidge like a unicorn. Perhaps you wondered, “What in the world is that woman doing?!”, and some people even had some pretty funny guesses as to my plans for that 8-foot length of copper […]

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