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The 6 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free

These are the pet friendly hotel chains that don't charge additional pet fees.

There is no question that pet travel is on the rise, and many hotel chains are rolling out the red carpet for our four-legged companions. But some hotels have chosen to exploit the opportunity and impose exorbitant fees on pet travelers, while others have taken a truly pet friendly approach.  Today we’re highlighting the pet […]

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10 Holiday Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Pets

Holiday Meal

Just picture the scene … the table set with good China, mouth-water turkey and all the trimmings, the whole family gathered, your pup’s head on your lap, and your cat perched over your shoulder on the window sill … it’s an image straight from a pet friendly holiday card. You may be inclined, in the spirit […]

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Preparing Your Pets For Evacuation

And we wait … glued to The Weather Channel watching Hurricane Sandy bear down on the east coast. This storm is a doozie, affecting cities as far away as Chicago with waves as high as 25 feet forecasted for Lake Michigan. The residents and city officials being interviewed on the news appear pensive, but calm. […]

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Tips For Traveling with Elderly Pets

We couldn’t let September – otherwise known at Senior Pet Health Month – slip away without a contribution on our favorite subject … pet travel! So today we’re happy to bring you a guest post by Amelia Wood – proud pet owner and blogger who has some experience traveling with her dog and cat. * * […]

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How To Be A Considerate Guest With Your Pets

For many people pet friendly vacations are spent visiting friends and family, and that may also mean staying at their house. Spending time in another person’s space can cause some tension, but throw your pets into the mix, and things can turn downright hairy! (Sorry – I couldn’t resist!) For those of you planning a […]

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What To Do If Your Dog Gets Stung By A Scorpion

A scorpion sting may not kill your dog, but it’s definitely going to ruin his day. I didn’t know how to properly care for our dogs if they were stung, so I was grateful to share this guest post from Emily Buchanan. Emily’s lives in the UK, and her dog was stung by a scorpion on a […]

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