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Seeing Fort Worth With Little Gabby

Gabby - In the Hammock

Traveling with your pet doesn’t need to mean packing up and taking off for two weeks. Gabby, in addition to having her own series of books, is a very busy traveler – though she often stays close to home in Fort Worth, Texas. Today KR Watson, author of Little Gabby Books, is here to share […]

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How To Save Money On Pet Friendly Rental Cars

Ty and Buster in Rental Car

How can an inexpensive shower curtain and a door mat save you hundreds of bucks? Simple! You just need to use them to protect the upholstery of your rental car from pet hair. Occasionally your pet friendly travels may require the use of a rental car. There are a number of pet friendly rental car […]

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Five Pet Travel Destinations That Are Pit Bull Friendly

Breed Discrimination Laws make things more difficult when you’re traveling with a dog targeted by the restrictions. We occasionally deal with breed discrimination when places won’t allow German Shepherds, but families who count Pit bulls, Dobermans and Rottweilers among their travel companions have a lot harder time. Today’s post is for them … Faith Thomas brings us […]

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Dog’s First Camping Trip

Preparing for your pet’s first trip can be a bit overwhelming. Where to go, what to do, how much to take? Today’s guest post by Audrey Porterman, researcher and writer for doctoralprograms.org, offers some advice on how to keep it simple … which will build your confidence and acclimate your pet to vacationing.  *** When my husband […]

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Building Forts With Milo

Traveling with your pets sometimes means you need to get a little more creative. Discovering that your dog gets motion sickness in the car and STILL finding a way to take him with you on vacation puts you in line for an award in my book. Today Nadia Jones, a blogger at online college shares […]

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Pet Travel: Finding the Best Portable Dog Crate

With most activities, having the proper equipment makes the activity safer and more fun. Pet travel is no exception, and you’ll find a wonderful selection of perfect travel gear when you start your search. Sometimes though, there’s so much selection that it can be overwhelming. Today’s guest post by Kendra Moore, owner of PetsMadePortable.com, walks us […]

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